Effort & Essence is the melding of the ancient with the future. The 3rd in his planned
trilogy for his albums, this one finds its home on Hydrofunk Records. Noted for his
distinct use of hip hop rhythms and world music samples, Tigermoth has increasingly
incorporated elements of Psychadelica, abstract vocal narratives, and vivid
synthesised soundtracks into his work. Effort & Essence is the pinnacle of these
styling’s. Taking influence from 60s science fiction authors such as Arthur C. Clarke
and Philip K Dick, the LA beats scene and the grimier side of modern trap, Effort &
Essence explores a more futuristic sound. The Listener is treated to an international
beats journey, with narration from famous political and philosophical figures, all the
while Tigermoth piloting the craft on this fictitious space mission
Somewhere in the musical ether that connects arrays of genres, you’ll find Tigermoth
floating through sounds, and feeding off different eras. A healthy dose of Electric
Jazz, Boom Bap, psychadelica, world music, and LA beats – make up his musical diet

Born in the Chinese year of the Tiger, Tigermoth’s (a.k.a. Tim Paterson) beats take
You on an aural journey. He is a multi instrumentalist who chooses to express himself
using turntables, samplers and FX. His intelligent mixing attests his abstract
turntabilism, while his film background and jazz leanings allow him to compose sets
that tell a story.
A prolific producer, Tigermoth has multiple solo releases, and is in high demand for his
remix and soundtrack work. He has recorded, performed with and supported a vast
array of artists including DJ Krush, MF DOOM, Jon Wayne, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat,
Del the Funky Homosapien, Oh No, Kool Keith, EL-P, De La Soul, The Opus, Gaslamp
Killer, and Cut Chemist.
“ The Album is Dope! I love it “ Dj Krush (Japan)
“ Tigermoth remains near to the very top of my list of music cats to keep a very firm eye
on, cementing himself as one of Australia’s best electronic music producers.”
Jay Edwards, (4zzz)
“ He may well be operating out of Brisbane but his world class stuff that you could just
as easily imagine coming out on a label like Ninja Tune or Stones throw.”
Jody Neil – Rave Magazine

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