Benjamin Walsh

Remix Experiment is, was and continues to be a cutting edge experimental way to interact with machines. From the very concept to the application of the idea…

Quality of improvisation and human emotion determining the electronic music is the final outcome, it should be in that order not the other way around. There was no tool for the job I wanted to do, so I had to make it. The music moves so precisely around my grooves, it’s like nothing I’ve heard before….Ben Walsh

Ben Has designed a system to control his machines using his voice and drumsticks while drumming, to allow the electronic elements to follow him. This allows for a very human outcome with no pre-conceived BPM’s or click-tracks, the length and feeling of a track is put back in the hands of the live musician. Every track on the album is a live take & has been filmed to illustrate just how truly unique this is.

…”one of the biggest successes of the Remix Experiment project for me is the fact that I have made my machines so random and work off probability, I had to redo takes because the computers occasionally had a bad pass. This was awesome for me as an electronic programmer to achieve such personality out of my equipment after 5 years of research and development, they behave out of my total control and we can interact with each other, and when we both performed, it was a take”…Ben Walsh

Every track is referencing something different, but the one thing bringing it all together is Ben’s masterful, progressive drumming. Every take is a different drum kit setup often using homemade drums, cymbals and junk items to push his sound further. He has also been one of the mixing engineers and worked hard to achieve different drum sounds across the record, treating the whole process as a producer would place his programmed beats, even though every take is live.

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